Monday, May 28, 2007

3 easy steps to create a blog in blogspot!

In order to have a blog in, you need to have Google Account! If you don`t have google account yet, Get your Account here!

1. Go to and Login using your google account.
After you are in the Dashboard, look for Create a Blog, and click there. We have screenshot to make it understand easier below.

2. You will be in the second page where you need to enter the name of your blog, and url (Uniform Resource Locator). Type your desired url, and click at "Check Availability" to make it sure that your desired url is available.

Enter the Word Virification as shown above the box. And click at "Continue button to proceed to the next step"

3. This page is where you will choose your template! Check the box of your desired template and Click at "Continue" to go the next step!

If you see the message : "Your blog has been created", then you are done! Now you can post anything, type something for the Test, you can delete it again later from "Edit Posts Menu"

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